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Nice smelling Cat Butt

door Carmen Nutbey. Leestijd: minder dan 60 seconden.

cat butt nice smell nutblog nutbeydesignHow to say ‘Thanks for using your car, while you were out…’

After our holiday we found this awesome little gift in the glove box. So now our car doesn’t smell to just an old bric on wheels, but has a fragrance of Cat Butt, Yeah! The package is nice as well and… you can do a Quick Butt Quiz (only for real butt specialist ;-)


Found some more Cat Butt products online. What do you think of Cat Butt Gum (8 Pieces of Kiss my Ass Attitude), Cat Butt Coasters (Handsome & Protective), or Cat Butt Magnets (with free Hairball)?

Thanks to our lovely Boven Water friends Frank & Stella and also a little bit to DJ K-Mart. All true cat lovers!